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The Polaris Sportsman is made for both work and trail use. In order to get the most out of their Sportsman,we have found most riders to outfit their machines with winches and guards for trail riding and add a plow for winter snow removal to maximize their investment.

  • Bronze: 2500# Winch and Stopper Installed
  • Silver: 2500# Winch and Front and Rear Brushguards
  • Gold: Silver Package + a 54" KFI Plow Installed

You have a lot invested in your new Sportsman make sure you protect your investment and maximize the space. Front and Rear CV boot guards defend your boots from the rough terrain that might do damage. Made of aircraft aluminum they add security without adding weight to your machine. And when you have your cargo to haul either on the trail our out on the hunt you'll want to maximize your rack spare and gear's security with front and rear rack extenders. These add crucial tie down points along with framework to keep your cargo in place. Add both to get gain an additional savings.

  • Underbody Guards: Front and Rear A-Arm/CV Boot Guards Installed
  • Cargo Racks: Front and Rear 3" Rack Extenders Installed
  • Both: Both CV Boot Guards and Rack Extender Package

Nothing makes your Sportsman handle better than a set of tires and wheels built specifically for the trials you put your ATV through. Not just functional but also extremely fashionable, a wheel kit will make your ATV stick out in the crowd and make you the envy of your riding buddies. Select one of our Sedona kits to give your Sportsman the best shoes on the block.

  • All Purpose: 27" Sedona Ripsaw on 14" Riot Rims
  • Trail: Sedona Buzzsaw on 14" Raceline Mamba Beadlock Rims
  • Mud: 26" Mud Rebel on 14" Storm Beadlock Wheels

You know what they say, if you don't like the weather around here, wait 15 minutes. Step 1 is to keep the elements away from your body. The best way to do that is to add a quick release windshield. Now that you're protected from Mother Nature, combat Jack Frost with heated hand and thumb warmers. If you know you'll find yourself out riding the trails and still want the luxury of instant heat but don't want to have a windshield taking away from the lines of your machine you can invest in handguards in conjunction with the heated grips and thumb warmer. The handguards with keep the wind off your hands and keep the heat from being wiped away from the warmers.

  • Dust: Windshield
  • Cold Weather: Windshield with Hand and Thumb Warmers
  • All-Season: Handguards with Hand and Thumb Warmers

Now that you've selected your machine and outfitted it to make it your own you're going to need to haul it to the trail head or hunting land. Don't be that person borrowing your buddy's trailer all the time. Our Chilton aluminum utility trailer is perfect to get your Sportsman around. When you buy a trailer from Team Winnebagoland they all come with the Chilton quality behind them and the security of having a tongue jack, spare tire, and 4 high quality straps to secure your ATV. If you have a pick up truck and need ramps we also have them too.

  • Ramp: Caliber ramp 52" x 90" for Pick Up Truck
  • Trailer: Chilton UT6022-8R 8 FT


  • Color: Not selected
  • Utility Package: Not selected
  • Offroad Package: Not selected
  • Tire & Wheel Package: Not selected
  • Comfort Package: Not selected
  • Towing Package: Not selected

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