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Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the use of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, to bring large numbers of relevant and highly targeted visitors to your website.

When you do a search, the ads are usually the first couple of listings at the top of the page in a slightly highlighted color and the ones down the right hand side of the page.

Advantages of Search Engine Marketing
  • No site changes required
  • Immediate results
  • Cost control
  • Geographically targeted
  • Seasonal marketing approach
What's included in Search Engine Marketing:
Keyword Research
To help identify keyword phrases, there are many SEO keyword tools that allow advertisers to see how often particular search terms are actually typed in the Search Engines, and we use several keyword tools to maximize our client's potential.

Writing Descriptions
Proven marketing copy techniques should be employed to ensure that the description is enticing enough to attract ideal prospects.

Monitoring and Analyzing
It is crucial to the success of any SEM campaign that it be continually monitored. Positions on the search engines can change daily because competition for the top spots can be fierce, and bidding wars are common. It is also important to track and analyze the effectiveness of individual keywords to convert visitors to customers.

"We've seen both our online and in-store sales increase tremendously while running a SEM campaign."